Public Liability Insurance - Act Only
Public Liability Insurance Act 1991 provides compensation to victims of an accident which occurs as a result of handling of any hazardous substance.


Cyber Crime and Insurance
A well-structured cyber liability policy can help the organizations in withstanding the financial losses due to cybercrimes. The policy can cover and pay for both First Party and Third-Party Losses.


Product Liability Insurance-Understanding the Fine Print
Companies targeted by product liability suits often assume that they will need to pay only a single insurance deductible even if their product injured thousands of consumers. This assumption, however, is fatally flawed. Indeed, if a company has the wrong policy language, it might see its insurance coverage devoured by deductibles because each consumer's claim arising out of the same product lot is deemed a separate "occurrence" for insurance purposes.


Know the difference: Burglary Vs Theft
Both Burglary and Theft are different terms and the insurance companies treat them as different covers. Often customers assume that both the terms entail same coverage which is not the case. Hence one should carefully read the policy document to understand the coverages..


Avoiding Unintended Gaps in Directors & Officers and Professional Indemnity Insurance
The following hypothetical claim scenario illustrates a potential risk faced by many companies:  A consumer services company maintains a comprehensive insurance program that includes both directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance and professional, or errors and omissions (E&O), liability insurance.  Six months after renewing its policies, the company is served with a costly class action lawsuit.  The plaintiffs allege they suffered monetary loss when they purchased the company's products based upon the company's allegedly misleading product descriptions. 


Cyber Liability for Hospital


IRDAI bars several health insurance exclusions
Oct 15, 2019

Insurance companies have been barred from excluding from coverage illnesses associated with hazardous work activity etc.

Govt establishes national driver licensing database to combat fraud
Sept 25, 2019

The Transport Ministry is establishing an electronic database to store drivers' licensing data from throughout the country.

Foreign investors can own 100% of insurance intermediaries
Sept 02, 2019

Government has issued a notification putting into effect its decision to allow 100% FDI in insurance intermediaries