The agribusiness industry is confronted with a complex business environment. The costs of inputs such as oil and fertilizers are continuously rising. Environmental issues are also a growing concern. India is majorly an agrarian economy, where most of the world’s food is grown. Extreme weather conditions hamper crop production. Concerns about food safety pose unique challenges that are forcing companies to invest heavily in safe, secure and exceptionally flexible supply chains.

Inadequate quality & consistency at the grass root level, weak & ineffective supply chain, poor infrastructure, non-efficient storage/warehousing & processing techniques, bottlenecks in cold storage (including during transit) further plague the industry. These risks are exacerbated by price fluctuation, weak rural infrastructure, imperfect markets and lack of financial services including limited span and design of risk mitigation instruments such as credit and insurance. Agribusiness owners can experience losses due to weather, disease, and related problems. Equipment damage, worker injuries, and structural damage are also concerns, as are issues like pollution liability.

Optima Edge

Agri-businesses are governed by special risks. It is, therefore, important that your insurance is handled by people who really understand agriculture. Optima’s insurance products are designed to be flexible so they can be tailored to specific applications ranging from rice milling, flour production, oil milling, transport, cashew processing and coffee processing. We take that extra step to make clients aware of special issues to make sure they are thoroughly covered for as many conceivable events as possible.


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Right Sum Insured in Fire Policies


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