Indian society puts a premium on knowledge and its acquisition. Spending on education has figured as the single largest outlay for a middle class household after food and groceries. With its rapidly expanding middle class, India’s private expenditure on education is set to increase manifold.

The education sector has significant and specialist risk management and insurance needs. The presence of huge numbers of people (students, faculty, parents and support staff) at any given point of time exposes educational institutions to risk. Education shapes the lives of people ― this very belief can lead to litigation. If a parent feels that the educational establishment’s negligent behaviour has resulted in the poor performance of its child, the education institution could face liability.

For a sector that touches the maximum lives, the risk exposure is equally higher and a well-thought insurance package can be a significant contributor to progress.

Optima Edge:

The education sector requires specialist attention from insurance brokers with an in-depth knowledge of the different exposures and coverage requirements of individual organisations. Optima understands that the legal liability exposure of an adult education college is very different from a school for young children. We specialize in the identification of these individual exposures and provide relevant risk management solutions to secure a comprehensive education insurance programme.


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