The entertainment sector is diverse and encompasses different segments, each performing and operating in environments that have a unique range of risks. In no other industry, is the pace of change greater than in the entertainment sector. Shifts in both the nature and scope of this sector means that businesses need to constantly evaluate new and emerging risks and assess their exposure.

As media companies expand into new media, converge with other areas in the technology and telecommunications sectors and cater for an international audience, they face liabilities and cyber risks that pose a greater threat than in the past. The major liability risks are in the areas of IPR infringement, copyright infringement, libel & invasion of privacy, defamation, omissions and errors in printed materials and infliction of emotional distress. The problem of piracy impacts all segments of the industry especially films, music and television.

The Media and Entertainment industry suffers from a plethora of Central and State levies including levies by local bodies and authorities. These multiple taxes, administered by different Government authorities add to the cost of business. M&E companies must find ways to protect their cast, their crew and their budget. And one of the ways is through insurance. Without adequate insurance coverage, media productions would be unable to secure the necessary financial backing in an industry that is used to incurring hundreds of thousands of rupees daily for simple accidents on big-budget shows.

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We minimize risk without sacrificing creativity. We understand that even the world of entertainment contains very real risks. This in-depth understanding of the Entertainment business module and the risk involved makes us one of the finest Media and Entertainment Insurance brokers in the country.


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