The gems and jewellery sector in India is engaged in sourcing, manufacturing, and processing. The very nature of the commodities involved carry with it high level of risks. Risks of burglary, theft or shoplifting of goods kept in showrooms as well as being carried from one place to another is high. Massive cash investments and stakes are at worth since owners have to maintain a large inventory. Daily movement of cash from the showrooms to banks and vice versa needs to be carefully monitored. Embezzlement and theft by employees is high in this industry ― where the smallest good pick-pocketed could yield high returns.

The Gems and Jewellery sector is largely dependent on exports to the US and European countries. Any global economic changes have a far-reaching impact on this sector. Fluctuation in foreign exchange rates in causing further trouble for domestic players. Fake and sub-standard jewellery products have been a matter of debate and litigation for ages.

Such risks mandate a well-crafted insurance solution.

Optima Edge:

Based out of our thorough understanding of the jewelery market and the risks involved, Optima has developed an extensive know-how in insuring valuable items both during transport and storage. We have a significant experience in the administration of complicated cases and damages. Our teams provide for faster claim settlements and quick payments in cases of loss or damage. 


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