Hospitals are built upon huge financial investments. Severe financial losses and liabilities could result from breach of services, breakdown of equipment or accidents. While Insurance premiums for hospitals and malpractice lawsuits are posing a challenge on one hand the sector on the other hand is exposed to increasing operational risks including those arising from clinical trials. All health care providers should carefully consider whether, and to what extent, they are involved in the types of legal relationships that may make them vulnerable to malpractice litigation.

Most modern day hospitals are high rise buildings with basements. In a typical hospital set-up, the diagnostic facilities and equipment are placed in the basements. These are stored along with chemicals, medicines, flammable consumables, combustible packing materials (plastics, cardboards) & oxygen cylinders ―thereby increasing the hospital’s fire load considerably.

Hospitals also store drugs, which if stolen, could pose a major threat to lives. The hospital is answerable to damages from the use of stolen medicines/drugs. Improper maintenance of cleanliness and/or unhygienic condition of hospital premises amounts to negligence.

It is, therefore, imperative for hospitals to not only adopt loss minimisation techniques, but also find the right insurance solution.

Optima Edge:

OPTIMA provides risk transfer solutions for hospitals and medical establishments. Our team of professionals brings high-quality, practical solutions for risks facing the rapidly changing healthcare industry. We have invested in the resources necessary to provide you with the service you need in insurance brokerage, risk analytics, clinical risk management consulting and claims management.

We understand that in the Healthcare sector, the manner in which claims are handled initially can be vital to limiting quantum and reputational issues.


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