Hospitality operations have a multitude of exposures, from liability arising from “slip and fall” to physical damage from fire. Each exposure needs careful evaluation to establish the potential causes with reference to the damage that will result from non-rectification.

  • Property Insurance

    Property insurance policies protect your assets like buildings, plant and machinery, stocks, office equipment etc. against losses caused by fire, floods, storms, earthquake, terrorism, theft, accidental damage and breakdown. These policies cover the cost to replace or repair the property. In case, the property cannot be replaced or repaired, the policy can provide monetary compensation.
  • Employee Benefits

    Insurance policies are provisions made by an employer for the economic welfare of employees. They include insurance covers like health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance, pensions, gratuity and superannuation. While on one hand they increasing employee morale and retention on the other hand some of these policies can also cover the statutory risks of the employer.
  • Burglary Insurance

    This policy covers losses arising out of burglary of stocks, equipment and other assets.
  • Plate Glass Policy

    Fixed plate glass in the interior buildings or show-windows is expensive and prone to accidental and/or malicious breakage. Plate glass Insurance covers the risk of accidental damage to plate glass installed in the business premises.
  • Neon Sign Policy

    Covers any losses or damage due to accidents, fire and allied perils, riots and strikes to the neon / glow signs.
  • Machinery Breakdown Policy

    It covers losses due to the breakdown of any machinery in a processing unit like motors, diesel generator sets, air conditioners, transformers sorters, grinders, pumps, etc.
  • All Risk Policy

    All Risk Insurance cover a wide range of risks. Infact it covers damage to or loss of property due to any reason whatsoever except for those specifically excluded in the policy. This cover is especially suitable for all kinds of portable devices are equipment. Since fire insurance is location specific and portable equipment can move anywhere within certain geographical limits, they cannot be covered under a Fire Insurance policy. An All Risk Insurance policy provides them a comprehensive cover.
  • Electronic Equipment Policy

    This policy covers electronic equipments like computers, servers and routers. However, the policy does not cover mobile electronic equipment like laptops, digital cameras, etc.
  • Crime Insurance

    This policy covers your business from employee and third party theft, fraud and forgery. This policy is particularly suited to cover computer frauds, electronic movement of money and similar white-collar crime. It is a superior replacement for ‘Fidelity Guarantee Insurance’.
  • Business Interruption Policy

    A Business interruption policy provides indemnity for loss of profit if a business is interrupted following a fire or machinery breakdown. The policy covers expected profits and fixed expenses for a defined period. Such a period can be chosen by the insured organisation.
  • Commercial General Liability

    This policy covers legal liability arising from injury to or death of guest or damage to their properties.The policy can be extended to cover advertising injury, personal injury and payments to guests as medical expense reimbursements.
  • Directors and Officers (D&O’) Liability

    Directors and Managers of an organisation can be held responsible for the various decisions taken by them for the day-to-day operations of an enterprise. Various stakeholders of an enterprise like employees, customers, vendors, regulators, etc. can question the decisions and demand compensation if they are adversely affected by their decisions. This places any director or manager at high personal risk. D&O insurance steps in to fund the defence cost plus any settlements or awards of damage.
  • Workmen’s Compensation

    The policy covers legal liability of the owner or operator arising out of death, disability or injury to the employees and workers on the site.
  • Product Liability

    The policy pays for damages that the insured is legally liable to pay in consequence of accidental death/injury or disease to third parties including damage to third party property due to any defect in the products manufactured.


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