Huge investments, modern constructions, operational and governance issues expose the industry to multiple risks and subsequent liabilities. Presence of LPG banks, electrical equipments, DG sets increase the fire load of a hotel. Glass facade and costly internal and external interiors make them vulnerable to damages and accidents to person and property.

Liability is inherent in the nature of the activity of the hospitality industry and customer is not the only adversary. There are suppliers, service providers, labour and workers and multiple regulators – it’s a hot seat.

Hotels offer several facilities to the guests, which, if not properly supervised can lead to accidents and subsequent legal suits for compensation. In addition to the financial losses, such accidents also affect the reputation of hotels. Legal liabilities towards guests can have crippling effects on the finances of the hotelier.

Apart from these major risks, routine business risks such as loss of money while being carried to banks, robbery in the hotel premises, misappropriation of funds by employees cannot be ignored. It is therefore, imperative to get the right insurance cover in place.

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One of the most fundamental values we bring to our hospitality clients is our expertise in understanding how business issues translate into risks and providing innovative solutions to help you manage those risks. We go beyond the traditional aspect of insurance broking and seek to develop proactive, consultative relationships that offer unique perspectives on how clients can utilize insurance to help reach their financial goals.


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