In today’s environment, with large capital outlays and long gestation periods, infrastructure projects are susceptible to business risks, maintenance, commercial and political risks along all stages of development. Risks associated with infrastructure projects can be multifarious. The need for risk management of a project starts right from the time of transit of goods and machinery from India and abroad, and continues from storage, erection and commissioning till handing over the project.

For the sector to grow profitably, given the competition, only risk managed companies will manage to survive. A timely risk management plan could go a long way in supporting the smooth flow and closure of projects.

De-risking is a priority for the infrastructure sector.

Optima Edge:

Optima offers sound and effective risk management solutions across all stages of a project’s development. We cultivate a long-term view to understand how projects will evolve and suggest measures to manage potential risks emerging out of these projects. Our team helps clients to manage, reduce and mitigate risk in their projects and investments through preservation of asset value, reduced volatility of revenue streams, and redeployment of capital.


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