India’s pharmaceutical industry revolves around “bulk drug manufacturing units” dealing with hazardous chemicals with very low flash point, “formulation units” and large “warehouses” storing raw materials and finished products. Medicines in transit, pose unique challenges to the insurers and insured alike.

The pharmaceutical industry needs to guard itself against the many risks that are typical to its nature of operation. Highly flammable solvents in reactors and centrifuge expose “bulk drug manufacturing units” to high degrees of fire and explosion risks. Chemical leaks from storage plants could also trigger fire accidents or could harm general public. Legal liability to the customers and general public is a matter of great concern to the pharmaceutical industry (in cases of contamination from a chemical leak) Hijacking of truckloads of medicines or leakage of medicines during transit could accrue serious losses for the manufacturer. Entire stocks of medicines can go waste if storage equipment (such as refrigerators or temperature-control containers) is not functioning to an optimum level.

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We understand how critical any of these risks could be to the pharmaceutical industry.  We help companies manage financial, operational, and regulatory risk in the complex and fast-changing global pharmaceuticals marketplace. Our team builds tailor-made packages and solutions based on a careful analysis of the risk potential of each client. Our advisers discuss with you a range of insurance policies and tailor a bespoke package specifically designed for your needs and requirements. This is enabled through our research backed extensive knowledge of the industry and its legislative environment.


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