Other than damage to or loss of assets, businesses face many risks which cause direct monetary losses. Such financial risks include bad debts, frauds by third parties and  employees, bad investments, legal suits by stakeholders, data loss and data theft etc. 

Insurance industry has kept pace with such emerging risks and has responded with various insurance products which effectively mitigate them



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Protection From Protectors


IRDAI bars several health insurance exclusions
Oct 15, 2019

Insurance companies have been barred from excluding from coverage illnesses associated with hazardous work activity etc.

Govt establishes national driver licensing database to combat fraud
Sept 25, 2019

The Transport Ministry is establishing an electronic database to store drivers' licensing data from throughout the country.

Foreign investors can own 100% of insurance intermediaries
Sept 02, 2019

Government has issued a notification putting into effect its decision to allow 100% FDI in insurance intermediaries